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New Group Classes!

                                                 Group classes for adult dogs at Zen Dogs on Church St!
                                                                          Valentine's Day edition!
This class is for anyone with an adult dog (at least 6 months) that wants to learn some foundational dog training skills to help with common problems.  Since holidays are an especially big challenge for many dogs and their owners, each class will have a fun, holiday-related theme to help you get ready for your next big challenge and also help you and your dog celebrate the holiday together!
For many dog owners, holidays can be a very stressful time.  Some common problems that we can help you with include:
Separation anxiety- Dog hates being left alone while you are shopping and going to parties, or while you are on vacation
Reactive towards guests/strangers- Dog gets stressed when you have guests over for parties, dropping off gifts, and making deliveries.
Flowers and plants- Some dogs will try to eat the flowers and plants you were given as a gift, or are planning to give to someone else.
Sensitive to your moods-Some people become very emotional during the holidays, and dogs can pick up on this easily.
Sensitive to weather conditions- Some dogs don't like the heat, some don't like cold, some don't like rain, and NONE of them like walking on salt.
Reactive to strange sights and sounds- Some holidays include people in strange costumes (trick or treaters, Santa) or loud noises (HAPPY NEW YEAR, WITH HORNS! FIREWORKS ON CANADA DAY!)
We can help with ALL of these problems in fun-filled, holiday-themed classes that will help you AND your furry family feel fabulous and festive! Best of all, the lessons learned will help deepen your understanding, and strengthen your bond with your dog ALL year long, and not just on the holidays! The class will be held on Saturdays at noon, 1 hour each, (with an optional 15 minutes for Q&A at the end of each class) and last for 5 weeks. Sign up to reserve your spot today!
The upcoming session (Valentine's Day Edition!) will help you get ready for Valentine's Day! Extra time will be spent teaching you which plants and flowers are safe for dogs, how to teach your dog to leave plants and flowers alone, how to set up a small "sensory garden" for your dog so they can get some nice holiday presents too, and how to deal with salt on the ground and sensitive paws.

Register for group classes at Zen Dogs on Church Street with William, Zen Dogs owner:

                                                                              Puppy Socialization

These classes combine basic puppy behaviours with appropriate, safely monitored play periods between suitably matched puppies in class. Focus will be on safe and proper socialization, education of the handlers in body language, appropriate safe play, basic training and prevention of problem behaviours as puppies mature. Basic behaviours include sit, down, stay, come, hand targeting and leash handling skills. There will be time for handler’s questions at the beginning of each session, but they will be limited so as to prevent run over of time to the next class.

Handlers will be expected to bring adequate and appropriate reinforcements for class (pieces of very finely cut up treats that have higher value to their individual puppy), one favourite toy and a chew stick or stuffed Kong Toy. Equipment needed will be a four to six foot leash, a treat pouch or fanny pack and a flat collar or harness. If you do not have these, please get in touch with us as we carry a variety of quality treats and training pouches in our Zendog store. Aversive equipment such as chain collars, prongs or head halters will not be appropriate for class.

All class registrants will receive by email, prior to the first class, a series of handouts to read that will cover basic learning theory (what is positive reinforcement etc), basic puppy behaviour and development and the basic training terms that will be used in class.

For everyone’s safety and comfort it is expected that all handlers will keep their puppy from interacting with the other puppies unless it is “play” time for them and the instructor will encourage focusing on your puppy and its behaviour at all times.

Register for group classes at Zen Dogs on Church Street with William, Zen Dogs owner:

                                      Coming Soon: Canine Nosework! The perfect dog sport for DOGS!

I plan to offer Toronto's first ever "Drop in" Nosework class starting in February of 2019. One of the beautiful things about Nose Work is it relies on your dogs strongest natural sense; their sense of smell. Scent is as important to dogs as eye sight and hearing is to us, this is why they want to sniff SO MANY things out on walks! With Nosework, we get to experience the joy of seeing our dogs doing something that we can't. We give our dogs a chance to show off their most powerful sense, their sense of smell. Another one of the beautiful things about Nose Work is only ONE dog is in the search area at a time, so even if your dog is reactive towards other dogs, they can still play! Also, since only 1 dog at a time is going to be working. Since only 1 dog is searching the area at a time, it doesn't matter if you are completely new to the sport, or if you've had years of experience. A brand new dog can come in and play a game of "it's your choice" and start to learn how to identify which odors we are going to reward them for. Likewise, a dog that has already succesfully targeted 3 odors in a wide variety of elements, heights, and locations will also find some fun, challenging hides to work on. There is no minimum and no maximum, I would only suggest that you commit to at least 6 sessions so you can start to see some exciting progress, and try not to wait too long between sessions at the beginning so you don't lose the progress made in those. Nosework trials are rare in Toronto, but we will be offering our own certificates of achievement for each succesful step you and your dog make together, and eventually will start hosting competitions for those of you that have a competitive streak!

Register for group classes at Zen Dogs on Church Street with William, Zen Dogs owner:



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