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Covid 19 update: All private lessons will be done outside or via Zoom. 

Not sure if virtual training is for you and your dog? You’d be surprised how many advantages there are!

1) There is no commute, so it saves time! There is no traffic, and no finding/paying for parking,

2) You can choose to participate as much or as little as you like. I can demonstrate the behaviors we need to teach with a dummy dog. Everyone that needs some feedback/troubleshooting can request it, but if you’d rather work on your own, you can. With some people opting out of some one-on-one interactions, those that actually need it will get more help.

3) With virtual classes, even if your dog is reactive towards other dogs or people, they can still participate.

4) We can record sessions so you can watch them again later if you need to.

5) Since I am also spending less time and money on commuting and renting space, I can afford to charge slightly less per class, saving you a little money

6)  I can get your follow-up training plans mailed out to you even faster, because I don’t have to worry about setting up/cleaning up a facility.

7) You can do them from anywhere in the world.

There is almost no downside to virtual training classes. There will occasionally be glitches where one of us experiences connection problems, but this is easily solved. If it’s only for a few seconds, we can just repeat whatever was missed. If it was a more substantial period of time, I can send you a recording of the parts you missed. If you have privacy concerns, you can either turn off your video so we see nothing, or use a background filter so all we see is you and your dog.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please let me know. I can’t wait to virtually meet you and your dog!

Private lessons outdoors or on Zoom: 

Please note, outdoor sessions are on hold until March 8th

Private lessons: 30-60 minutes long and done live in real time online. Each session will
include a follow up email with a training plan, and some handouts to guide your efforts that
you can save for future reference. I will also allow everyone purchasing a private lesson an
opportunity to record some video of them working with their dog so I can give some
additional feedback and help troubleshoot any problems you may be having.

30 Minute Session - $50

60 Minute Session - $90

Booking sessions is easier than ever, click here to see available times and reserve the time that's best for you right now before it fills up. Please remember to fill out the new client questionnaire below first:

For a one hour private lesson:

For a 30 minute private lesson:

First lesson begins with an introduction to clicker training and the way dogs learn. The remainder of the lesson is spent working with you and your dog on whatever issues you have identified. At the end of the 1st lesson we will devise a training plan together and I will provide you with detailed instructions to follow. I usually recommend working on the training plan for a few days before meeting for any additional lessons. Most clients seem to have the most success with 1 lesson per week, but we can be as flexible as you need us to be. You may contact me at any time with questions you may have, and if you feel you need to purchase a follow up lesson we can do that at a rate of either $50 for 30 minutes or $80 for an hour.

Package deal: 3 private lessons for $250. Most introductory lessons only leave us with enough time to work on a couple different behaviors and answer some questions. In order to deal with multiple issues and get the additional support needed to avoid common mistakes, a three lesson package deal is recommended for anyone with multiple issues to address.

Package deal: 5 private lessons for $350. If your dog has a long history of undesirable behaviors, then a 5 lesson package is your best bet. The longer the history of undesirable behavior, the longer it will take to reverse it. Having a variety of replacement behaviors at your disposal will help the rehabilitation go faster. A 5 lesson plan also gives us extra time to give you the skills you'll need to deal with new problems that may arise down the road.

Flexible format Group classes: "Pawsitively to the rescue!" These classes were developed by me in partnership with Educanine and Coveted Canines Rescue. This is a collaborative project between certified Toronto trainers associated with Educanine professional, ethical, dog rescues in Toronto, called "Pawsitively to the rescue!"  These seven classes are grouped by subject matter, and you are free to take as many or as few as you wish, with no time limit for taking any of the classes. We're pleased to be able to offer the intro class (Keys to Reliable Training) free  to anyone that adopts a dog from any of the Rescue Agencies we have partnered with. These classes are appropriate for any adult dogs, not just rescues. The format allows you to pick the classes that benefit you and your dog the most, and there is no time limit, so you never have to worry about missing a class. The other 6 classes in the series are devoted to specific subjects like loose-leash walking, recall, house-training, etc. Register for these classes here: You can register for classes here: 

Staff Training for Doggie daycare, groomers, and animal hospitals: Two hour session which includes me working directly with your staff explaining the science behind dog behavior, canine body language, techniques for restraint and behavior modification, and taking any questions they may have. I can also provide tips for setting up your shop to make it as welcoming as possible for easily frightened dogs. The rate is $85 per hour with a recomendation of booking 2 hours.    

Fear Free Victory Visits: For Veterinary clinics and grooming salons. If you have a canine or feline client that hates coming to your shop, I can come in and work with the dog or cat at your location for a 20-30 minute session to help teach Fear Free methods for dogs for just $40. The charge is for the human client and I will share $10 of the fee with your shop. So you will hopefully be able to give your clients a better experience so they come to you more often, you get to make an extra $10 dollars, and I do the actual training. It's a win for everyone! If the client needs additional in home lessons, I will also share a 10% referral fee with your shop.

​Puppy socialization classes! I have recently partnered with Zen Dogs on Church Street​ and am now working there to help train your dogs in one of Toronto's most iconic neighborhoods!  In addition to puppy socialization, I am also proud to offer group classes for Foundation Skills, and canine NoseWork at Zen Dogs as well. Go to the Zen Dogs website to register for Doggie Daycare and/or group classes.  See you there!


I am no longer offering grooming services, but as a former groomer I am happy to answer your grooming related questions. I am a Fear Free certified trainer, groomer, speaker, and am Low Stress Handling certified as well, so if your pet needs help overcoming fear of grooming or vetting, please let me know, I can help!

For all services, cash, check or credit card is accepted.

Questionnaire for new clients

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For a one hour private lesson:

For a 30 minute private lesson:

I try to respond to every email within 24 hours. If you haven't heard back from me in that time, please feel free to email me at

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