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Private lessons: In person sessions for puppies under six months are $120/hour, or $60 for 30 minutes. Zoom sessions are half the price of in person sessions: $60/ hour or $30 for 30 minutes. If you purchase 4 hours of training, (in person or virtual, or any combination) you can get a 5th hour for free. You do not need to commit in advance to get the free lesson. 

Adult dogs basic commands and common problems: $160/hour. Half price for Zoom.

Additional charges: If we need to travel outside of the Church/Wellesley/Cabbagetown area there may be an additional travel charge. If we require the use of additional equipment for tricks classes, nose work, or safety tools for certain cases, there may be an additional charge. Additional charges will be between $20 and $40.

The first session is usually on Zoom unless a virtual session is problematic for you. This gives us a chance to discuss the issues we need to work on without having to worry about weather, traffic, parking, or your dog being stressed out meeting a new person for the first time. If you prefer in person training, we can schedule your first in person session as early as the day after your initial Zoom session. I actually prefer in person training, so if that is what you want, I am SO eager to help you! But I still recommend that we have a 30-60 minute virtual session first for several reasons: We need to spend some time talking about the issues you are dealing with and the most scientifically sound ways to address them, and in an in person session, your dog will almost definitely either get bored or stressed while we are conversing during our first in person session. An intro virtual session also gives you a chance to decide with very little commitment in terms of time or money if you want to work with me long term. A 30 minute intro virtual session is very affordable, and if you only have 1 or 2 relatively minor issues, that may actually be enough. It will also definitely make our first in person session more productive. In person sessions are my first Love, as you can see here:

Each session will include a follow up email with a training plan, and some handouts to guide your efforts that you can save for future reference. I will also allow everyone purchasing a private lesson an opportunity to record some video of them working with their dog so I can give some additional feedback and help troubleshoot any problems you may be having.

Booking is easier than ever. Make sure you fill out the new client questionnaire below first:

For a one hour private lesson:

For a 30 minute private lesson:

​Puppy socialization classes! I have recently partnered with Zen Dogs on Church Street​ and am now working there to help train your dogs in one of Toronto's most iconic neighborhoods!  Go to the Zen Dogs website to register for Doggie Daycare and/or group classes for puppy socialization.  See you there!

Kitten socialization, Scent Detection, and adult dog Foundation Skills coming soon! If you are interested in any of those classes, please email me at and I'll put you on a waiting list for the next time we are able to offer these classes.


I am no longer offering grooming services, but as a former groomer I am happy to answer your grooming related questions. I am a Fear Free certified trainer, groomer, speaker, and am Low Stress Handling certified as well, so if your pet needs help overcoming fear of grooming or vetting, please let me know, I can help!

For all services, cash, check or credit card is accepted.

Questionnaire for new clients

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For a one hour private lesson:

For a 30 minute private lesson:

I try to respond to every email within 24 hours. If you haven't heard back from me in that time, please feel free to email me at

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