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Please watch this video introduction to Dan, the owner of Golden Rule Dog Training.

Golden Rule Dog Training is now offering in person private lessons and also virtual  classes for all your training needs!

 We also have resumed in person puppy socialization classes in partnership with Zen Dogs on Church Street. Puppy socialization is the best way to set your dog up for a lifetime of happy, confident learning. I believe socialization classes should be as universal for puppies as high school is for humans.  You can register for puppy socialization class at the Zen Dogs website. 

With all of our Zoom classes, one on one, or group classes, you have the option of sending additional video to me for feedback. I am able to give a lot of feedback during the live Zoom session, so sending additional video may not even be nescesarry, but it's an option if you need additional help. Every class includes a customized training plan with a follow up email. 

Not sure if virtual training is for you and your dog? You’d be surprised how many advantages there are!

I actually prefer in person training, so if that is what you want, I am SO eager to help you! But I still ask that we have a 30-60 minute virtual session first for several reasons: We need to spend some time talking about the issues you are dealing with and the most scientifically sound ways to address them, and in an in person session, your dog will almost definitely either get bored or stressed while we are conversing during our first in person session. An intro virtual session also gives you a chance to decide with very little commitment in terms of time or money if you want to work with me long term. A 30 minute intro virtual session is only $30, and if your problems are minor, that may actually be enough. It will also definitely make our first in person session more productive. In person sessions are my first Love, as you can see here:

My name is Daniel Josselyn and I am a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, and also Low Stress Handling Certified by Dr. Sophia Yin’s Cattle Dog Press. I am also a Fear Free Certified Trainer, Fear Free certified groomer, and Speaker. I have also completed Michael Shikashio's Aggression in Dogs Class. I use scientifically proven methods to help you better understand your dog’s mental and emotional state, and to teach new behaviors while extinguishing undesirable ones.  I also show you how to address behavior related problems in a manner that both you and your dog will find effective, rewarding, and hopefully fun! 

In addition to my education as a dog trainer, I spent several years as a dog groomer and a doggie daycare supervisor.  (See my bio here) With my diverse experience and professional education, I am uniquely qualified to answer any dog care questions you may have.

I offer private lessons, (package deals are now availaible!) puppy classes at Zen Dogs on Church St. and virtual group classes:  (Services offered and New Client Questionnaire

We look forward to helping solve any problems you may be having and strengthening your bond with your furry family members!

I am also the trainer for Zen Dog Services on Church St. email me here if you have any questions about group classes, doggie daycare, or grooming!

Please note, we are not affiliated with Golden Rule Dog Training in Evergreen, Colorado. They seem great to me though, and they have a cool name! So if you are in the Colorado area, check them out!


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